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Track and Trace (Helios Basic and Advanced)

The installation of the Track and Trace unit provides additional security for drivers and passengers and thus grants peace of mind. The cellular/GPS tracking system provides 24 hour real-time tracing allowing users to track, monitor and locate vehicle(s)’ exact position around the clock from the comfort of their home or office. Information regarding the vehicles whereabouts can be accessed from any laptop, desktop and internet enabled mobile phone.

The Track and Trace unit is ideal for individuals interested in tracking solutions to monitor the movements of personal cars and motorbikes. This package offers the following services:

Real-time tracking  Free access to the user friendly web based interface Free access to the mobile phone application 24 hour Control Centre support Work hours and vehicle history reports SMS and email alerts Gradual stop/immobiliser 24 hour Securex backup in Nairobi, Mombasa and Uganda

The Track and Trace system is an easy and convenient system which increases journey security, allows constant contact with the vehicle and thus gives users control over every possible situation. The system can also be tailored to respond to specific needs.

Fleet Management(Helios Advanced)

The Helios advanced unit acts as a security application that allows for effective fleet management and control. The services offered alongside the unit are ideal for individuals looking for an advanced tracking system and organisations seeking to better manage their fleet (vehicles and motorbikes), improve efficiency and reduce costs while mitigating risk. The Fleet Management package provides multiple benefits and is tailored to individual needs. The Helios system enables users to determine what events they wish to receive and by what mode of communication the alerts will be transmitted. All information regarding the vehicle(s) is provided in real-time and can be accessed via any laptop, desktop and internet accessible mobile phone.

The features specific to the Helios unit are:

Real-time tracking Free access to the user friendly web based application Free access to the mobile phone application 24 hour Control Centre support Work hours and vehicle history reports Customised reports including excessive idling, speeding, ignition switch(on/off), harsh breaking SMS and email alerts Mileage calculation Geo fencing which allows users to set up virtual barriers in order to stop vehicle entering or leaving (un)designated areas Gradual stop/immobiliser Panic/emergency button 24 hour Securex backup in Nairobi, Mombasa and Uganda

The advanced Helios unit offers a wide range of benefits regarding the individual safety of drivers and passengers but also in terms of productivity, planning and cost reduction. These benefits are discussed below:

Better control over vehicle use and total working hours Better control over the fleet’s running costs Reduced fuel costs Lower accident rate Increased knowledge and control of driving behaviour Reduced vehicle ware and tear costs Better planning of routes based on past data On-time delivery Better management of employee wages against productivity levels.


Watchlock is a combined high security padlock and alarm system brought to you by industry leaders, Starcom Systems and Mul-T-Lock. WatchLock is the ultimate gatekeeper which provides real-time control anywhere and at any time. The product requires no external power source or installation making it the optimal solution to keep all assets safe, especially those in hard-to-reach places. WatchLock is ideal in multiple situations; ranging from securing remote locations to supervising containers, property and delivery vehicles.

In addition to the padlock, users have free access to a user-friendly online web application that generates customised reports on specific events and enables 24 hour real-time monitoring and tracking of mobile and stationary assets. The package offers users’ constant control over assets as they are notified of any irregularities in the lock’s routine, predetermined by the users in the web application, by SMS or e-mail alerts allowing for immediate action to be taken. All WatchLock information can be accessed from any desktop, laptop and internet enabled mobile phone.

WatchLock provides several security benefits through the locks constant supervision of all openings and closings and therefore keeping users informed of unauthorised openings or openings outside of predefined areas. In this context, information regarding opening /closing hours and work hour monitoring can minimise theft, allow confirmation of employee and vendor reports and therefore increase efficiency and generate savings. Additional benefits include lower costs through reduced supervision and inspection expenses and complete peace of mind that all assets, even those in the most remote locations, are well secured.

Container Tracking (Triton)

Triton is among the most sophisticated units for real-time container tracking. The unit, approved by leading insurance company Lloyds, is a monitoring and tracking system for containers. The GPRS system monitors the container allowing users to pinpoint the container’s exact location 24 hours a day via a user-friendly application accessible from any laptop, desktop and internet enabled mobile phone. This package is designed to respond to individual needs as users can determine which events they are most interested in, how they would like alerts to be communicated and who should receive them.

The services offered with the purchase of this unit are:

24 hour real-time tracking Free access to the user-friendly web based application Free access to the mobile phone application 24 hour Control Centre support Customizable alerts regarding door open/closed, container break-ins, speeding, unauthorized stops, shocks, accidents and harsh breaking Geo fencing which allows users to set up virtual barriers in order to stop containers leaving or entering (un)designated areas. Mileage transmission

The container tracking system requires no installation and is connected wirelessly to external sensors (container’s door hinge) allowing users to monitor and protect containers remotely. The unit acts as a security application allowing customers to track cargo and guarantee a safe arrival at its final destination.

Personal Tracker (Rainbow)

Rainbow is the only personal tracker that offers active and automatic supervision from a distance, ensuring carriers’ safety while maintaining their privacy and independence. It is a miniature GPS tracking system designed to monitor and keep track of people’s movements saving you from non-stop worry. The Rainbow tracker is ideal for parents looking to ensure the safety and protection of young children or elderly family members, but also for companies with employees in unsecured locations. Its unique features allow for customized events which will automatically transmit an SMS/e-mail alert or activate the emergency button. Users also have access to an easy-to-use web interface where users can define what an emergency is and who should receive alerts; it is however also used to keep track of all information regarding the carrier’s movements.

Rainbow’s unique features and additional services offered with the tracker are discussed in more detail below:

Reminder alarm if the tracker is forgotten Lack of motion and sudden impacts are reported by an internal accelerometer Alarm users if the carrier exited/did not enter a predefined geographic area at an estimated time (geo fencing). Emergency button (can be automatically activated) Speaker and microphone for hands free communication Complete cell set with automatic dialler ensuring constant and immediate communication Free access to the web interface 24 hour free Control Centre support 24 hour free Securex backup.

Fuel Management System

Organisations with large fleets are systematically looking for ways to minimize their running cost. Fuel generally makes up the largest percentage of the fleets overall cost; but fuel siphoning remains one of the most challenging issue facing fleet managers on a daily basis. The fuel management system provides all the services offered alongside the fleet management package in addition to real-time fuel monitoring.

The Helios fuel management unit offers the following additional benefits:

Constant monitoring of mobile or stationary fuel tank levels Notification of exact amount fueled/siphoned in real-time with a precise location Average consumption rate Theft detection Customized reports

The fuel management system is ideal for businesses engaged in long-haul transportation but also responds to the needs of all vehicle owners, especially those whose vehicles are in constant use. With continuously rising petrol costs, the fuel management system is designed to help increase fuel efficiency and minimize unnecessary costs.

Thermal Temperature Sensors

The thermal temperature sensor is a complementary accessory to the Helios tracking unit onto which it is fitted. The sensor is essentially targeted at businesses with perishable goods that require refrigeration. However it was designed to respond to the needs of businesses and individuals that may need to monitor temperatures. The sensor is fitted with a filter used to reduce environmental noise and measure temperatures between -20°C and +40°C allowing users to constantly monitor and supervise refrigeration units.

Driver Identification

Cyber Trace offers two forms of driver identification, both complementary accessories to the fleet management system.

Dallas Keys

Each Dallas key is coded with a unique number that can be scanned by a matching receiver. Once scanned, the key recognizes drivers and gives them access to the vehicle. Moreover, the Dallas key collects accurate information by monitoring each driver’s activities across multiple vehicles and therefore allows businesses to immediately identify the offending driver in the case of an accident or motoring offense.


Driver Codes

Each driver is allocated their own personal ID code which must be punched into the keypad installed inside the vehicle. The code authenticates the driver’s identification therefore only enabling the vehicle’s engine to start when an authorized driver is identified.


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